Japanese Folded Damascus Steak Seax Set


They're finally here, Raven Forge's very own Damascus “Steak Seax”. These knives were hand drawn and fully designed by Raven Forge owner and knife designer Sam Ive, to be the ultimate steak knife. The Damascus steel these knives are made of has 67 intricate layers of high-quality steel, folded around a core of top quality VG10 steel, made in Takefu, Japan. If you treat these knifes with care, it will last you a literal lifetime.

If you’re looking for something special for yourself or as a gift, look no further, these knives are properly amazing!

I put together some technical information here if your that way inclined, take a look:

The steel is Japanese-made Damascus, forged from layers of incredibly durable stainless steel, and the core being made from VG10 cutlery grade stainless steel. Not only does the G in VG10 stand for gold, but this really is a gold standard steel. Highly corrosion resistant, strong and clean - we tried a lot, and this was our favorite by miles. The outer layers are made of precisely 67 layers of steel, utilising both 316L superior kitchen grade stainless steel and VG10.

The angle of the blade is 15 degrees with a total spine thickness of just 2mm, making these knifes feather light and amazing to hold. The G10 glass epoxy looks similar to micarta but is a different animal entirely. Instead of being made from cloth and epoxy, this is a glass epoxy blend which is vastly superior in both finish and grip. Finally, the blades are hardened to a HRC of 60-62, some of the hardest steel you can get on the domestic market. The knife is then taken to be ground, buffed, and polished to near perfection.

Number of knives: 4
Full Length: 24cm
Blade Length: 13cm
Grip Length: 11m
Blade Width: 22mm
Width of the spine: 2mm
Blade angle: 15 Degrees
Hardness: 60-62 HRC
Weight: 112g
Materials: VG10 and 316L Stainless steel hardened
Edge: sharp
Display box: Black magnetic display case with protective foam inserts.
Dishwasher safe: Damascus steel is not suitable for the dishwasher due to it layers, wash by hand and dry immediately.