Rail Spike Cleaver

£24.00 £50.00

A classic Raven Forge best seller! Sleek but heavy in the hand, polished yet uniquely charming, functional but aesthetic. Really, what more could you want? 

Our Rail Spike Cleavers are made from rail grade spikes, which have been flattened and sharpened to make a pretty damn awesome meat cleaver. 

Approximate specifications as follows:

Edge: Sharp
Length: 28cm
Width at quillons: 3.75cm
Blade width: 10cm
Blade length: 16.25cm
Grip length: 12.5cm
Weight: 500g
Material: high carbon steel

You must be over 18 to buy this product or view this website. High carbon steel is not moisture resistant, please clean then dry completely after use, and regularly oil with a food-safe oil to keep in great condition.