Warhammer Noir - Raven Forge


NOTE: these are customised in house by the workshop team, they can have a 1-2 week lead time during busy periods. 

Sleek, heavy, and with deadly armour piercing capabilities; the Warhammer was, for the most part, the most popular weapon of choice for full armoured combat. The hammerhead was for bending and beating steel and the gnarly spike for sheer breastplate and helmet penetration. You might be a Lord with a full harness of plate mail, but the humble hammer as a means to negate your wealth and bring down the most heavily armoured of foes!

This Warhammer has been burnt black; an old blacksmiths trick to smooth the handle and prevent getting blisters whilst they hammer all day. It wraps the wood in a layer of carbon that's highly resistant to mould, insects, water and even fire. It also hardens the wood, making it less likely to crack or splinter. This process is called "Charring" - burning and rubbing in oil whilst the wood is still hot/warm.

Approximate specifications are as follows:  

Length: 61.25cm
Head width: 2.5cm
Head length: 23.75cm
Grip length: 52.5cm
Weight: 948g
Material: ash handle, high carbon steel

You must be over 18 to buy this product or view this website. With these being high carbon steel, please keep dry when not in use and regularly oil to keep in great condition.