Matt Black Spiral Pendants


Our Matt Black Spiral Pendants are hand-forged from steel, supplied with a lengthy real leather cord that can be shortened to preference. They have been intricately shaped during the forging process, and then matt blacked to make a really beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The process of colouring the steel matt black is not only aesthetic, it prevents the high carbon from rusting, increasing their longevity.  Perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself - why not!).

Approximate specifications are as follows: 

Large Circular Pendant Length (at longest): 4.5cm 
Long Pendant Length (at longest): 6.5cm
Small Spiral Pendant Length (at longest): 4cm 
Material: High carbon steel, matt black finish
Cord: Brown waxed leather

High carbon steel (that is not matt blacked) is not water-resistant, if these come in contact with water please dry completely afterwards. Regularly oil to keep in top condition.